“original bauhaus” sheds light on how unique work and series, remake and original are inseparably linked in the history of the Bauhaus. This is because Bauhaus artists did not see art and technology as opposed to each other. Instead, they used technical innovations to create exceptional works of art, and they took serial production into account from the moment they began drafting their de-signs. Today there have been almost 100 years of responses to the Bauhaus, as compared to 14 years of Bauhaus production. Reproductions, re-editions and remakes have made the Bauhaus the 20th century’s most influential school of architecture, design and art.


Endzeit - Ever After

"From the very first frame, Endzeit is gorgeous despite the gore. But, as the characters in the film deduce, beautiful but deadly Mother Nature has had enough of humanity, her terrible tenants—so she’s evicting us for being seriously behind on the rent. Endzeit frames its zombie invasion not as an end but as a possible beginning for something new. Don’t fight it. Just let the apocalypse wash over you."